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Creating Art in Your Garden

With warm weather in full bloom, no doubt you are interested in spending as much time outdoors as you possibly can. If you enjoy not only engaging in gardening but DIY projects, two creative hobbies that go very well together, look no further! In this article, we will discuss some great DIY ideas for your garden.

1. A Hanging Wall Garden

Give your wall some visual interest with a beautiful hanging wall garden! Simply apply hanging baskets on your wall and fill them with your favourite plants and flowers. This can look amazing both indoors and outdoors.

Another idea that you can try is to mount shelves onto your wall (try arranging them in a special design!) and place your pots on the shelves. This is an excellent idea for a small herb garden. If you’re feeling really crafty, try using old books as your shelving. You can find excellent gardening books at the Careful Gardener Online Garden Shop.

2. Mini Garden Tree Stump

Many individuals find tree stumps unsightly, especially in a garden space. Instead of getting rid of that tree stump, however, turn it into something great! Hollow out the middle of your tree stump, fill it with soil, and turn it into a visually appealing mini garden. This will not only correct the unsightliness of the tree stump but give your garden a whimsical feel as well. Plus if you have pets, you can make your tree stumps part of some amazing dog kennels, rabbit hutches and even bird feeders – for more ideas visit

3. Cinder Block Garden Wall

Do you have some extra cinder blocks lying around? Line your garden with these cinder blocks to give your space organisation, and visual appeal. And the great thing is you can even plant some flowers inside of them!

While there are much more great garden DIY project ideas, try these three mentioned here to give your gardening space an extra boost. You’ll have fun decorating and upgrading your space while enjoying a crafting experience. Enjoy!